this was a complete PAIN IN MY ASS but I made these losers transparent and edited out all of the lettering and such from the original

free to use for whatever


Series: DRAMAtical Murder
Character: Noiz

It’s fukin 3am and I’m not drunk so I’ll probably reblog this at an hour noticeable to humanity. But i figured I’d post it now too.

First costest. A few minor make-up changes I want to make next time I try it out but overall I am satisfied with the results.

I love cosplaying bitches I mean…. badasses.


hey! hey! samurai heart!

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”And ever since, ever since

I’ve sought after the other half of that waning, chipped moon…

One day, someday, I’ll find it… the full moon…

 that cherry blossoms will bloom to…”

”Everyone, please protect them for me okay? Let’s make it a promise…”

 ”Good men will always keep their promises…”

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imagebad influence Sly blue

gintoki calling hijikata
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AYYY my first giveaway!

Since I’m broke as fuck I will be offering art as prizes!

There will be a first place winner and a second place winner:
First place will get to choose between either a regular picture (left) or a chibi (right) of any character they want.
Second place will only be able to choose a chibi of any character they want.


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Zosan + shape-shifters?


Zoro smiled down fondly at the blond man currently sleeping in bed; calming, hypnotic breaths falling from slightly parted lips and lids closed over perfect blue eyes.

These were Zoro’s favourite times of the day - besides those spent in the park - loving just being able to stare down at his master and pretend for even just a moment that this false relationship was real.

Sanji began to stir and Zoro leapt away from the man on instinct as he morphed back into his dog form; tall Shepard ears quirking innocently as he looked up at his master whom cracked open a tired eye to glance at Zoro’s place at foot of the bed before patting the pillow beside him lethargically, “C’mon boy. C’mere.”